Round Bagasse Bowl

Round Bagasse Bowl

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Fl-RSB10BGS 300ml(115mm) Bagasse Salad Bowl 115*55mm 1000pcs
Fl-RSB16BGS 500ml(150mm) Bagasse Salad Bowl 150*45mm 500pcs
Fl-RSB24BGS 750ml(150mm) Bagasse Salad Bowl 150*55mm 500pcs
Fl-RSB30BGS 900ml(184mm) Bagasse Salad Bowl 184*45mm 500pcs
Fl-RSB40BGS 1200ml(184mm) Bagasse Salad Bowl 184*55mm 500pcs

Bagasse is a stylish eco option to polystyrene, perfect for hot and cold food, plus wet and oily dishes. Made from reclaimed sugarcane, natural fibres provide an economic, sturdy takeaway box where hot food won’t sweat inside them, so fish & chips stay crispy and pies don’t get soggy. Chosen by award-winning chefs for premium presentation.


Round bagasse Bowls are plastic-free, made from reclaimed and rapidly renewable sugarcane pulp. Certified compostable and carbon neutral. These containers are sturdy and versatile. Available in three sizes with matching lid options.


Our round bagasse takeaway bowls are plastic-free, made from reclaimed and rapidly renewable sugarcane pulp   a by-product of the sugar refining industry that remains after the juice has been extracted and is a resource that would otherwise be burned.


Sturdy and versatile, these round sugarcane bowls can handle a wide variety of hot and cold foods, including soups and curries.


They are grease and water resistant, with matching lid perfect for food deliveries.


They are an eco-friendly replacement to plastic for soup bowls and salad bowls.


Round sugarcane bowls are microwave-safe and oven-proof up to 220 C for 20 mins and refrigerator and freezer safe (matching PET lids are not microwave or oven-safe)


Matching lids are available in PET, PP or CPLA (made from Ingeo  - a bioplastic made from plants not oil, that is certified industrially compostable.)


Looking for something custom to your needs? We can work with your to design your own custom moulded pulp range

Key Attributes

· Customized printing & sizes available

· Assortment for all occasions from breakfast and lunch to evening meals and delivery.

. Range of materials and barriers to suit all your needs.

. Range of disposal options from recyclability to compostability.

. Custom design options to maximise brand impact.

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