Catering Box Lid

Catering Box Lid

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KCBLID-XS Extra Small Catering Box Lid 258*155*30mm 100(10*10pcs)
KCBLID-S Small Catering Box Lid 229*228*30mm 100(10*10pcs)
KCBLID-M Medium Catering Box Lid 364*255*30mm 100(10*10pcs)
KCBLID-L Large Catering Box Lid 564*255*30mm 50(10*5pcs)
KCBLID-XL Extra Large Catering Box Lid 455*313*30mm 50(10*5pcs)

Compostable kraft board sandwich platters for your eco catering needs. Fully laminated for freshness, with a clear window made from plant-based PLA to present cold foods like sandwiches, deli platters, brownies or cookies. Cater for a variety of dietary requirements by adding our half, quarter or eighth-sized internal dividers. Supplied flat, easy to assemble. Also popular as a food and drink gift box!

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