Food Container With PLA Window

Food Container With PLA Window

These food containers are leak and grease resistant, along with stackable, and easy to use. They are suitable for hot, cold, wet, or dry foods. Most importantly, this container will keep food fresh for your customers. Printed on the box is a messaging letting your customers know it is fully compostable.

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Fl-SSC01W #1 Small Paper Container w/ PLA Window (139*115)*(113*90)*64mm  200(4*50pcs)
Fl-SSC08W #8 Medium Paper Container w/ PLA Window (178*145)*(152*120)*64mm  200(4*50pcs)
Fl-SSC03W #3 Large Paper Container w/ PLA Window (220*163)*(195*146)*65mm  200(4*50pcs)

Food to go options have expanded from simple salads on the go to complex meal solutions with high-end proteins and vegan options to respond to changing consumer demands.

Our food range has kept pace with this, offering maximum content visibility via over the edge windows and a wealth of alternatives in shape and size for any requirement.

As well as easy to use closure options, sizes and shapes, we have fully laminated deli boxes that are suitable for breakfast and lunch options. Heat seal and modified atmosphere packaging options that can lengthen the shelf life of contents complete this diverse range.

The flexible salad tray box that gives a premium look to your salads : This Small Salad Tray box gives your freshly made salads an appetising look. With a shiny transparent lid, the visibility of your salad servings is greatly enhanced, giving your yummy veggies a sophisticated presentation.


This eco-friendly salad tray presents a great alternative to traditionally plastic food trays. It is is a paper tray with bioplastic window that is biodegradable and compostable. It is manufactured from printed board which makes it biodegrade effectively without causing harm to the environment or trashing worries for you.


Multi-use food tray perfect for every kind of food serving : for chilled meals, salads and fruit salads, Pastries, and Doughnuts, because it enhances the consumers view of quality and freshness.


Affordable and Freezer safe disposable salad container: Grab this essential freezer-safe food tray at a big discount so that all businesses can access it.

FUTUR food containers with PLA window are sustainably sourced and made from paper board. They are lined with Ingeo a bioplastic product made from plants, not oil. This food containers is printed kraft-look.

FUTUR food containers with PLA window are made from certified paper, ensuring that they are manufactured from materials sourced from sustainably-managed forests.Your logo font and other company information can be printed on the surface of the food containers with PLA window; your company image can be better promoted.

The food containers are lined with waterproof Ingeo and include a bioplastic window that allows a better display of the food inside the container, producing the bioplastic that produces up to 75 percent less greenhouse gases than the conventional plastic it replaces.Printing with soybean or water-based ink.

Key Attributes

· Made from heavy duty Kraft paperboard
· PLA lining lining available
· Customized printing & sizes available
· Various cup types & sizes from 1#,8#,3#.
· Assortment for all occasions from breakfast and lunch to evening meals and delivery.
. Range of materials and barriers to suit all your needs.
. Variety of sizes and styles to maximise content visibility where required .
. Range of disposal options from recyclability to compostability.
. Custom design options to maximise brand impact.
Material Options

·Kraft Paperboard
·White Paperboard
·Bamboo Paperboard

Liner Options

·PLA liner-Compostable
·PE liner-Recyclable
·PP liner-Microwaveable
·Plastic Free-Compostable

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