Food Container

Food Container

These food containers are leak and grease resistant, along with stackable, and easy to use. They are suitable for hot, cold, wet, or dry foods. Most importantly, this container will keep food fresh for your customers. Printed on the box is a messaging letting your customers know it is fully compostable.

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The value of the street-food category has grown exponentially in recent years.

Trends and social media continuously shape this vital sector in the food industry. The number of stalls and the local food markets in the main cities of the world are hubs for tourists and locals. The recipes from Asia, Africa and Europe, mix with the local cuisine in a very successful and vibrant way. Our responsibly sourced packaging caters for several types of foods and events all around the world.



KB01 26oz Paper Food Container (130*107)*(113*90)*65mm 400(8*50pcs)
KB05 40oz Paper Food Container (168*136)*(153*120)*51mm 400(8*50pcs)
KB08 45oz Paper Food Container (172*140)*(153*120)*65mm 400(8*50pcs)
KB02 49oz Paper Food Container (216*159)*(198*140)*48mm 200(4*50pcs)
KB03 66oz Paper Food Container (216*159)*(198*141)*65mm 200(4*50pcs)
KB04 92oz Paper Food Container (216*159)*(198*140)*90mm 200(4*50pcs)


Key Attributes

· Made from sustainably managed forest or bamboo paper.
· Smart interlock design to secure the foods delivery safely.
· Featured with a crystal-clear window, represent the foods perfectly.
· Food grade compliant.
· 100% coverage printable.

Material Options

·Kraft Paperboard
·Bamboo Paperboard

Liner Options

·PLA liner-Compostable
·PE liner-Recyclable


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