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Fl-FL90PLA 90mm Flat CPLA Lid Fits 6/8/12T oz Paper Bowls 1000(20*50pcs)
Fl-FL97PLA 97mm Flat CPLA Lid Fits 8U/12S/16T oz Paper Bowls 1000(20*50pcs)
Fl-FL115PLA 115mm Flat CPLA Lid Fits 12/16/24/32 oz Paper Bowls 1000(20*50pcs)

To meet different applications and market demands, multiple lid options made with different materials are provided.


Today, when resource conservation and environmental protection are increasingly valued, can plastics be replaced and upgraded? The widespread use of degradable biomass material-polylactic acid (PLA) can not only alleviate the resource dependence caused by the “oil crisis”, but will also completely eradicate white pollution.


Our flat CPLA lid. A vented lid for hot food to go. Sustainable material with a plant-based CPLA. Made from plants. Commercially compostable where accepted.


PLA polylactic acid resin is the most well-known environmentally friendly plastic. It is not only 100% plant-based, but also 100% fully degradable plastic. It is safe, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. It is the first choice for environmentally friendly plastic products. However, the pure PLA material has the problem of heat resistance (deformation above 55°C) and insufficient flexibility. Therefore, our company has developed a PLA modified material that can quickly crystallize heat and impact resistance, which can quickly crystallize in the mold. The heat resistance of CPLA plastic is greatly improved after crystallization, and it can heat up to 120°C or more. After crystallization, the surface has high gloss and has a porcelain-like effect. It is currently the best material to replace plastics.

Our renewable CPLA lid. This CPLA lid is great for hot food or salad, or hot soup to go. They are suitable for both hot and cold food paper bowls and are soup-safe an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional plastic lids. Made from CPLA, a renewable material made from plants. Off-white colour, embossed with compostable messaging. Made from plants. Commercially compostable where accepted.

We use a heavy-duty, premium quality material giving our CPLA lids superior stability, better CPLA lid fit and insulation. Our CPLA lid is customized according to our paper bowl size, suitable for all our soup paper bowls & wide paper bowls.

Key Attributes

·Various sizes from 90mm & 97mm &115mm.

·Compostable and recyclable material CPLA lids.

·Custom design available to highlight your brand.

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