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Fl-FFC12PLA 12oz French Fry / Wrap Cup 85*(120+90)*60mm 1000(20*50pcs)
Fl-FFC16PLA 16oz French Fry / Wrap Cup 85*(140+100)*60mm 1000(20*50pcs)

Our paper wrap pack are made with certified paper and coated with Ingeo    a bioplastic made from plants, not oil. Certified commercially compostable and carbon neutral. Available in two different sizes.


Wrap pack made with the same PLA coated paper board as our compostable hot cup. So you know it can handle hot fries and still compost when you’re done.


Paper wrap packs are sustainably sourced and made from certified paper. They are lined with an Ingeo  a bioplastic product made from plants not oil. Producing this bioplastic results in 80% less greenhouse gases than the conventional plastic it replaces. Printed using soy or water-based inks.     


These cups are commercially compostable and recyclable

Available in a range of industry standard sizes, paper wrap pack can be custom-printed to promote your brand. Custom printing is our speciality.


This range includes some sizes that have a printed look.

Key Attributes

· Made from heavy duty Kraft paperboard

· PLA lining lining available

· Customized printing & sizes available

· Assortment for all occasions from breakfast and lunch to evening meals and delivery.

. Range of materials and barriers to suit all your needs.

. Range of disposal options from recyclability to compostability.

. Custom design options to maximise brand impact.

Material Options

·Kraft Paperboard

·White Paperboard

·Bamboo Paperboard

Liner Options

·PLA liner-Compostable

·PE liner-Recyclable

·PP liner-Microwaveable

·Plastic Free-Compostable

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