Wooden Cutlery Kit

Wooden Cutlery Kit

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Fl-KFNW Wooden Cutlery Kit:Knife/Fork/Napkin In Paper Wrap PLASTIC FREE 250pcs
Fl-KFSNW Wooden Cutlery Kit:Knife/Fork/Spoon/Napkin In Paper Wrap PLASTIC FREE 250pcs
Fl-KFNSW Wooden Cutlery Kit:Knife/Fork/Napkin+Salt In Paper Wrap PLASTIC FREE 250pcs
Fl-KFSNAW Wooden Cutlery Kit:Knife/Fork/Spoon/Napkin+Salt&Pepper In Paper Wrap PLASTIC FREE 250pcs


Most disposable cutlery sets are made of plastic. Due to the good stability of plastics, it usually takes 200 years to degrade naturally. It destroys the landscape and is difficult to degrade by itself after being discarded, causing long-term environmental problems.

Our wooden cutlery kits can be composted in commercial compost. Made of certified birch wood. This is a renewable and sustainable resource, which is in large supply worldwide. This raw material is used in our wooden cutlery kits because it is durable and provides a smooth surface and smooth feel to your customers. It is more durable than other wooden cutlery kits on the market. You can print your logo or text on wooden cutlery kits to better display your corporate image. Birch is known for having very few jagged edges, so wooden cutlery kits are very safe to eat.

Our wooden cutlery kits include knives, forks, spoons, sporks, ice cream spoons and coffee spoons; all of our disposable wooden cutlery kits are solutions to composting problems. Our new wooden cutlery kits series is modern, rustic, stylish and strong, perfect for hot and cold meals. These wooden cutlery kits are environmentally friendly, so they are very suitable for companies that want to reduce their carbon footprint. Minimal damage to nature.

Our wooden cutlery kits. There are many different combinations to choose from. Wooden knives, forks, spoons, sporks, napkins, salt, sugar can be freely combined according to your requirements to meet your different needs. The wooden cutlery kits is packaged in kraft paper, and your companys logo, text and other company information can be printed on the package to better show your companys image

Our exquisite wooden cutlery kits is your next picnic, office or dinner, special event, wedding or cafe or restaurant stylish, affordable and environmentally friendly tableware choice!

Our wooden cutlery kits is biodegradable and will not pollute or damage the environment.


Key Attributes

· Made from renewable & sustainable plants,not oil

· 100% compostable

· Superior design,super strong

· Cutlery kits available,wrapped with compostable PLA film

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