Wide Paper Bowl

Wide Paper Bowl

Our range of Wider eco bowl range are perfect for food vendors as they are suitable for hot and cold foods. The natural Kraft paper that these pots are produced with gives a rustic yet modern look. These bowls are compostable, recyclable and biodegradable, making them ideal for environmentally conscious brands looking to lower their carbon footprint. Lids are sold separately. These bowls are wider than our Ecobowls making them perfect for dishes with a little more to show!

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FUTUR Wide Paper Bowls are made with paper sourced from managed plantations and coated with Ingeo bioplastic, not plastic. Our paper bowls are certified commercially compostable. Available in different sizes with a range of leak-proof lid options. FUTUR wide bowl paper is sourced from managed plantations and coated with Ingeo a bioplastic made from plants, not oil. These bowls are wider than our soup bowls making them perfect for dishes with a little more to show! Producing our bioplastic cup lining results in 75% less greenhouse gases than the conventional plastic it replaces. We use a heavy-duty, premium quality board giving our bowls superior stability, better lid fit and insulation. They are suitable for both hot and cold foods and are soup-safe an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional soups bowls or ice cream bowls. Printed using eco-friendly soy-based or water-based inks. These bowls are compostable in a commercial facility and recyclable in most kerb-side recycling, like milk cartons. Fancy a custom bowl? Custom printing is our speciality. Well-designed printed paper bowl are a powerful messaging tool that can raise awareness of your company. An eye-catching design in the hand of a customer is always noticed by others. Made from heavy duty food grade paperboard.Match with a PET lid or paperboard lid that increasing theperformance of food representation.Ideal for prepared meals & salad.Stackable.Customized printing available

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Fl-CFB8SPLA 8oz Wide Paper Bowl 115*92*47mm 500(10*50pcs)
Fl-CFB10PLA 10oz Wide Paper Bowl 115*91*52mm 500(10*50pcs)
Fl-CFB16PLA 16oz Wide Paper Bowl 150*128*47mm 360(6*60pcs)
Fl-CFB20PLA 20oz Wide Paper Bowl 150*128*52mm 360(6*60pcs)
Fl-CFB24PLA 24oz Wide Paper Bowl 150*128*60mm 360(6*60pcs)
Fl-CFB32PLA 32oz Wide Paper Bowl 150*128*80mm 360(6*60pcs)
Fl-CFB26PLA 26oz Wide Paper Bowl 184*160*47mm 200(4*50pcs)
Fl-CFB30PLA 30oz Wide Paper Bowl 184*160*52mm 200(4*50pcs)
Fl-CFB40PLA 40oz Wide Paper Bowl 184*160*66mm 200(4*50pcs)

Key Attributes

· Various cup types & sizes from 8-40oz.

· Assortment for all occasions from breakfast and lunch to evening meals and delivery.

. Range of materials and barriers to suit all your needs.

. Variety of sizes and styles to maximise content visibility where required and provide secure lids for food on the go and delivery.

. Range of disposal options from recyclability to compostability. . Custom design options to maximise brand impact.

Material Options

·Kraft Paperboard.

·White Paperboard

·Bamboo Paperboard

Liner Options

·PLA liner-Compostable

·PE liner-Recyclable

·PP liner-Microwaveable

·Plastic Free-Compostable

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