Single wall paper cup

Single wall paper cup

We offer a full line of cups and lids for a wide variety of beverages to meet every budget and need. Paper cups by FUTUR are perfect for any beverage, whether hot or cold. Corresponding lids are available for any style you choose.

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Single Wall Paper Cup

From frothy steaming hot coffees and flavoured lattes; fresh juices and smoothies to creamy caramel frappes, we ve got the right cup for every beverage you serve. As a leading specialist in beverage cups, we offer you the widest choice of cups and lids for both hot and cold beverages.Our range of cup carriers, coffee cup lids, cold cup lids and accessories also help deliver your premium beverage experiences on the go to customers.

These cups are 100 percent commercially compostable, recyclable and biodegradable, making them ideal for environmentally conscious businesses. .These Cups are produced with paper sourced from responsibly managed forests and lined with a sustainable plant-based material, Ingeo PLA.

Available in a range of industry standard sizes, single-wall drink cups can be custom-printed to promote your brand.

paper cup with lid
single wall paper cups


Single Wall Paper Cup

HC4 4oz Paper Hot Cup - Single Wall 62*44*59mm
HC6 6oz Paper Hot Cup - Single Wall 80*51*79mm
VC7 7.5oz Paper Hot Cup - Single Wall 70.3*46.5*91mm
HC8 8oz Paper Hot Cup - Single Wall 80*55*91mm
HC12S 12oz Slim Paper Hot Cup - Single Wall 80*53*121mm
HC8S 8oz Squat Paper Hot Cup - Single Wall 90*56*85mm
HC10 10oz Paper Hot Cup - Single Wall 90*60*94mm
HC12 12oz Paper Hot Cup - Single Wall 90*58*108mm
HC16 16oz Paper Hot Cup - Single Wall 90*58*137mm
HC20 20oz Paper Hot Cup - Single Wall 90*59*160mm
HC24 24oz Paper Hot Cup - Single Wall 90*61*180mm

Key Attributes

·Various cup types & sizes from 4-24oz.
·Compostable and recyclable material options including lids.
·Custom design & print available to highlight your brand.

Material Options

·Kraft Paperboard.
·White Paperboard
·Bamboo Paperboard

Liner Options

·PLA liner-Compostable
·PE liner-Recyclable
·Plastic Free-Compostable


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