Paper Portion Cup

Paper Portion Cup

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Fl-PPC2PLA 2oz Paper Poetion Cup 62*50*35mm 2000pcs

Round paper portion cup. One flat lid fits all sizes, for a great seal and easy stacking. For cold toppings or sauces, mini snack or protein pots, or sampling. Made from PLA, a renewable material made from plants. Clear for visibility.Made from plants. Commercially compostable where accepted.


These paper portion cups amade with certified paper with a sustainable plant-based material, Ingeo PLA. These cups are 100 percent commercially compostable, recyclable and biodegradable, making them ideal for environmentally conscious businesses.

2oz biodegradable paper portion cup made with a 100% biodegradable PLA lining made from plant starch. These biodegradable paper portion cups are suitable for use with both hot and cold sauces. These paper portion cups are fully recyclable, fully biodegradable and fully compostable. Better for the environment. Made with paper from a fully sustainable forest. Ensuring that all paper materials used are fully renewable. The matching transparent PET lid can better display the food in the portion cup.

Well-designed printed cpaper portion cups are a powerful messaging tool that can raise awareness of your company. An eye-catching design in the hand of a customer is always noticed by others.Available in a range of industry standard sizes, paper portion cups can be custom-printed to promote your brand.

Key Attributes

· Made from heavy duty Kraft paperboard

· PLA lining lining available

· Customized printing & sizes available

· For cold toppings or sauces, mini snack or protein pots, or sampling.

. Range of materials and barriers to suit all your needs.

. Range of disposal options from recyclability to compostability.

. Custom design options to maximise brand impact.

Material Options

·Kraft Paperboard

·White Paperboard

·Bamboo Paperboard

Liner Options

·PLA liner-Compostable

·PE liner-Recyclable

·PP liner-Microwaveable

·Plastic Free-Compostable

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