Paper Cup Sleeve

Paper Cup Sleeve

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FI-KCS80 80 Cup Pulp Carrier Fit 80mm Paper Cups 1000pcs
FI-KCS90 90 Cup Pulp Carrier Fit 90mm Paper Cups 1000pcs

Our paper coffee cup sleeves are made from sustainably sourced paper and are both compostable/recyclable. They are an eco-friendly choice to double-cupping hot drinks. There are two sizes of our paper cup sleves. All our paper coffee cups have suitable paper cup sleeves.Suitable for our (80mm / 90mm) hot paper cups.

This paper cup sleeves has been redesigned with a sturdy, double-wall construction to add strength and industry-leading insulation keeps drinks hot and hands comfortable. Choose our new stock print or a custom design for additional exposure on the new extended sleeve.

Well-designed printed paper cups are a powerful messaging tool that can raise awareness of your company. An eye-catching design in the hand of a customer is always noticed by others.Available in a range of industry standard sizes, Our paper cup sleeves can be custom-printed to promote your brand.

Producing printed paper cups sleeves is a breeze for us. We re not limited by anything except imagination. We re driven by creativity and customer service. Our disposable cup varieties can be printed in a multitude of colours all over the cup sleeves.


Key Attributes

·Suitable for (80mm / 90mm) hot paper cups.

·Compostable and recyclable material.

·Custom design vailable to highlight your brand.

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