Wooden Coffee Spoon

Wooden Coffee Spoon

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FI-WCS105 Wooden Coffee Spoon 105mm 1000(10*1000pcs)

Single-use disposable coffee spoon with a functional life of minutes should not be made with materials that will last hundreds of years. Plastic manufacture, pollution and the very limited recycling infrastructure is front of mind with consumers worldwide.


Most disposable coffee spoons are made of plastic. Due to the good stability of plastic, it usually takes 200 years for it to degrade naturally. It destroys the landscape and is difficult to degrade itself after being discarded, causing long-term environmental problems.


Our wooden coffee spoons are compostable in a commercial compost. Made from certified Birch wood. It’s the industry benchmark for sustainably managed wood and wood products.This is a renewable and sustainable resource that is copious in global supply. This raw material is used for our wooden coffee stirrer as it provides to be strong and durable, as well as having a sleek finish and smooth feel for your customer. More durable than any other wooden coffee spoon on the market.You can print your logo or text on the wooden coffee stirrers to better display your corporate image. Birch wood is known for having little jagged edges, so it is perfectly safe to eat with.


The wooden coffee spoon is made of 100% compostable material, and the handle adopts a special arc design, is ergonomic, bringing a more comfortable experience to the user. Small design, high temperature resistance, convenient for your use.

Key Attributes

· Made from renewable & sustainable plants,not oil

· 100% compostable

· Superior design,super strong

· Cutlery kits available,wrapped with compostable PLA film

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